Camp Killoqua | Light the Fire Within

Arrival at Camp

Arrival At Camp (Resident Camp)

When you get to camp:

Staff will meet you in the parking lot to guide you through the check-in process. Please leave your dogs at home.

All full week Resident Camp Sessions start on Sunday and end on Friday. Session 2b (our mini session) starts Wednesday at 10 am.
Arrival time:         Between 2:00 and 3:30 p.m. on Sunday for full week sessions. Please arrive on-time, so your child may participate in all the first-day welcoming activities.

Arrival times:

Grades 7-12 @ 2:00

Grades 4-6 @2:30

Grades 1-3 @ 3:00

If you have campers in more than one age group, please bring all campers at the check-in time of the youngest camper.

Departure time:  FRIDAY at 7 pm for all sessions and grades

Arrival at Camp (Day Camp)

Day Campers will check in at our parking lot in the Welcome Shelter, or at the transportation drop sites, if your camper is riding the bus.

Please arrive by 9 am each day, so that your camper does not miss any of the day’s activities. Day camp ends at 4pm each day, and extended hours are available at camp from 7:30-9 AM and 4-5:30 PM.