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Overnight Camp Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps

Archery Camp

Grades 5-8

An exciting session for campers who love archery! Campers will learn different tips and techniques through fun games and activities to become a terrific archer!

(Session 4)

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Horse Programs


Grades 5-12

Campers will spend two hours per day with riding specialists and their assigned horse. Campers learn how to mount, dismount and groom. While getting comfortable around horses, you’ll learn basic control of a horse at a walk and trot in the arena and on the trail. Campers will help feed, care for and clean up after the horses during the week. (Sessions 2-8)

Please note for all horse camps:  If you have requested a cabin-mate they also need to be in the horse camp program. Campers must have long jeans and boots or sturdy shoes with ½”-¾” heels for riding. (Consider borrowing boots or buying a used pair if you do not have your own.) Camp provides riding helmets.

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Grades 7-12

For moderately experienced riders, this is a chance to further skills in care and riding beyond that of our general session. Participants need to be comfortable around horses and skilled in riding at the walk and trot. (Session 6)

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Grades 4-12

Want to ride a horse but are not sure about a whole week of horse camp (or maybe not quite old enough)?  This option is for you!  Add one horseback ride to your general camp session. (Sessions 2-8)