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Outdoor Education

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Located on a quiet and secluded 185 acre site, 20 miles northwest of Everett, on the shores of Crabapple Lake, Camp Killoqua offers a residential outdoor environmental educational experience for students in the 5th or 6th grade from public, private and parochial schools. A full-service program, including ecology classes, accommodations, meals, recreation and evening activities are offered in a camp setting. All program activities are led by trained instructors and facilitators and are interactive, hands-on and multi-sensory lessons and activities. All programs use an investigative approach.

Camp Killoqua, in operation since 1941, is owned and operated by Camp Fire Snohomish County.

Goals and Objectives:
The Outdoor Education Program encourages students to become ecologically literate, responsible citizens, in an experiential learning environment. The program utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to promote the appreciation of our natural surroundings and the values of community living. Our aim is to teach students the concepts of sustainability and interdependency outside of the classroom walls.

  1. To help students understand and experience the relationship between themselves and the natural environment.
  2. To increase student knowledge of ecological concepts.
  3. To foster a spirit of community and responsibility for the earth.
  4. To give students the opportunity to cooperate in problem solving and decision making tasks.
  5. To encourage students to actively participate in outdoor activities.

In addition Camp Killoqua’s Outdoor Education Program addresses and meets The Framework for Environmental Education in Washington State, produced by the Washington State Office for Environmental Education.

The curriculum we use provides students with a quality educational program focusing on critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills. The curriculum has three main subject areas: Forest, Wetland and Wildlife Ecology.

Students work individually, in small learning groups and as a large whole group. These varied work groups stress the importance of problem-solving on all levels, not just individual.

In addition to studying ecology issues, students also participate in group dynamic exercises on the Killoqua challenge course. A facilitator will guide students through a series of group initiatives which provide students the opportunity to understand how a group functions which they may apply to school, home and beyond. Students will also be invited to challenge themselves on our 43 foot climbing wall.

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Camp Killoqua provides your group with the best possible experience. Our on-site staff include an Outdoor Education Director, instructors and certified waterfront and challenge course facilitators. All of our staff are committed to professional service and to Camp Fire’s camping mission: giving young people a chance to live, learn and share with others the opportunity to become closely involved with the natural environment.

Please note, we do not provide cabin leaders. Volunteers (parents or high school seniors) are arranged by each participating school. A cabin leader orientation session is performed by Killoqua staff and is required for each school.

Registration Information and Fees:
Killoqua offers 2 to 5 day programs, as well as day long field trips ideal for younger students in 1st through 3rd grades. Meals include dinner on the first day through lunch on the last day. Each participant should bring their own sack lunch for the day of arrival.

To register your school or to request information regarding current program fees please contact the Outdoor Education Director at 360 652 6250 or by an e-mail to

Camp Killoqua has been constructed in a manner that allows your group a true outdoor experience while maintaining many of the comforts of home.

While at camp you will stay in a variety of cabins ranging from rustic to modern. All cabins provide comfortable sleeping areas and small group meeting space. Restroom facilities are located either in or adjacent to the cabin. Covered areas are provided throughout the site in the event of inclement weather for group lessons and activities.

Food service is provided in the main lodge. Our kitchen will prepare well-balanced meals that your students and adults will enjoy. The kitchen staff is happy to accommodate any special dietary needs or allergies that your group may have.
*Your accommodations may vary depending on enrollment and availability.