Camp Killoqua | Light the Fire Within

Packing For Camp

Packing for Resident Camp

Packing for camp is fun for your child and for you! The packing list document will help you make sure your camper has everything they need while they are at camp. Please remember to label your child’s belongings!

Resident Camp Packing List

We believe that summer camp is one of the few environments where children can truly be ‘unplugged’ from technology. Unplugging helps kids develop face-to-face social skills and authentic personal relationships while at camp. Having a cell phone at camp will most likely prevent your camper from enjoying the full camp experience. Please help us provide this experience for your child by leaving cell phones and other screens/internet capable devices at home.

Packing for Day Camp

Many activities are outdoors, so please come dressed for outdoor activities; socks, shoes (no sandals, please) shorts, a sweater or sweatshirt, and a swimsuit and towel for swimming days.  Bring a pair of long pants for hikes.  Remember to plan for the weather – hats and sunscreen on hot days and a raincoat on rainy days.  Each camper needs to bring a sack lunch (non-perishable food only, please) and a water bottle.  A daypack is suggested for children to carry their clothing and lunch.

An outline of the session’s program will be given to each camper on the first day of camp. This newsletter will introduce the counselors, and include information on what days campers will go swimming, what day they will cook out (no packed lunch necessary that day), and what day they will tie dye. Have a white t-shirt or white item, i.e. socks, available if your child would like to tie dye.

Please leave all toys at home, unless the camp director has granted permission.  Camp Killoqua or Camp Fire is not responsible for camper possessions and the use of personal equipment brought to camp.  Pets are not allowed at camp.

Lost & Found

Items will be taken to the Camp Fire Snohomish County Office in Everett one week after the closing day of camp and held until September 1st.  PLEASE MARK EVERYTHING BROUGHT TO CAMP WITH YOUR CAMPER’S NAME.