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Covid-19 Latest Updates

Planning for Summer 2023

We are very excited for summer 2023, and are looking forward to a more traditional summer than the past two years. We are also excited to continue some new learnings that worked better than before!

While we know that life may never be “normal”, we are confident that we can once again run a safe and fun summer camp experience for 2023.  As we prepare, we want to be as transparent as possible with our families about our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic and what steps we plan to take to protect our campers, staff, and our communities.

Our Approach

As we plan for the summer, we will continue to update this page to reflect the latest information and plans we have to keep children, staff members, and their families safe for our summer program at Camp Killoqua for summer 2023.  Here we’ll talk about some of the changes and adaptations we are making to our regular programs in order to make sure everyone can have a healthy experience while at camp. 

We will be relying on our past experience, as well as the guidelines from the American Camp Association, the CDC, and Washington State to keep our community healthy.

Changes for 2023

We feel that it’s important to be transparent about the changes for 2023, these may have been sustained from other covid summers or adaptations from our experiences. These changes are needed both to keep campers and staff safe as well as to ensure Camp Fire’s long-term financial stability. These policies apply to all summer overnight programs at Camp Killoqua.

  • Non-Refundable Deposit: The deposit of $100 per reservation is non-refundable, even if we have to cancel programs. Any payments made beyond the $100 deposit will be refundable until June 1, or later in case of medical cancellation. Exemptions will be made for financial aid recipients.

  • Covid Testing: All resident campers are required to have a negative covid test prior to their trip to camp and should take measures to reduce their exposure in the days leading up to their camp session. A negative PCR test must be completed within 72 hours of arrival OR a negative at home test or antigen test must be completed within 6 hours of arrival. 

    Please monitor your camper for any covid like symptoms in the two weeks leading up to their session of camp. Any camper showing any covid like symptoms or with a fever over 99.4 degrees should not attend camp. In the event your camper needs to withdraw from the session, please call camp and we can reschedule where available.  

  • COVID Safety Policies: We will be implementing COVID safety procedures determined by Washington State guidelines and recommendations from the American Camp Association. Known protocols will include health screening and temperature checks, wearing masks, and frequent cleaning. Campers and staff will be required to show proof of a negative PCR covid test taken within three days of camp or a negative rapid/home test taken within 6 hours of check in. 

  • Specialty Programs & Field Trips: Due to the lower camp capacity, many specialty programs will not be offered in 2023, including Wadikima and all in-camp specialty sessions with the exception of horse camp. We will also not be able to offer any field trips out of camp, including for CITs and day camp.

  • Day Camp: Same as above. The non-refundable day camp deposit is $75. Day camp falls under child care guidelines in Snohomish County, so we will follow those guidelines carefully in addition to the American Camp Association recommendations. Day Campers are not required to have a negative covid test.

What camp is doing:

Mask Wearing-  

Washington State has lowered the masking mandate to just a few key places. At camp we will still require campers to bring masks but have reduced the amount of time and places they will wear them. Masks will be required Dining hall when not eating, this allows us to bring back after meal singing. Masks are also required in the health house. 

We will be monitoring the case rates in Snohomish County and if cases start to serge with will increase the spaces and times in which we wear masks at camp. These places may include on the camp bus, in the craft house, in common bathrooms, or in times when large groups are gathered for activities or ceremonies. 

Any camper or staff member may choose to wear a mask at any other time if they feel more comfortable. Camp Killoqua will not tolerate any bullying or negativity towards those who choose to wear masks at alternate times. 

Please send campers with a minimum of 1 mask per day, and if possible, a few extras. Please label your child’s mask with their name. Camp will have a limited supply of disposable masks to give campers if their masks become too dirty to wear.  

Physical Distancing- 

We will keep some physical distancing measures in place when large groups are gathered.  


Masks will be required in the dining hall except when seated and eating. Campers will be sitting with their cabin groups to minimize exposure to other groups while eating. 


Campers will sleep head to toe in beds to ensure all to ensure maximum spacing between heads. We will be making sure that windows and tent flaps remain open to keep air flowing through cabins, especially at night. Cabins and bathroom spaces will be cleaned throughout the day to keep things clean and sanitized. 

Program Areas- 

Most activities will are outside or in open-air covered shelters. Hand sanitizer will be available at program areas where equipment may be shared with other cabin group members. Program equipment will be sanitized between sessions. 


Campers will be encouraged to shower daily and to keep their personal belongings together within the cabin. Hand washing will be mandatory before all meals, and hand sanitizer will be available at each dining table, in cabins, and at program areas. 

Camper Behavior- 

Due to the nature of our programs and staffing constraints we are not able to offer individualized behavioral and physical support beyond verbal redirection. All campers in our program this summer must be able to independently perform all basic activities for daily living including dress, grooming, eating, toileting, mobility, and continence.  

Campers must be able to listen to and follow directions and exercise good judgement regarding their own personal health, safety, well-being while at our programs. Additionally, all campers must be able to wear and keep a facemask on during required times, be able to maintain distancing expectations, and must be able to follow verbal cues for transitions throughout the program.  

Once their session of camp has started, parents of any campers who require more support than we are able to provide will be contacted for immediate camper pick-up. 

Health and Wellness- 

All Campers and staff will have a daily health screening including having their temperatures checked.  

Campers and staff who are showing any symptoms of covid-19 will immediately be isolated at our health house and evaluated by our camp nurse. The camp nurse may administer a Rapid Antigen test to confirm whether the covid-19 virus is present if tests are available. Due to the commercial costs of individual tests parents may be called to pick-up their camper and take them for testing. If the test results are negative, the camper or staff member, may rejoin their group but will continued to be monitored for symptoms. 

Any camper or staff member who tests positive or presents increased symptoms of COVID-19 must go home immediately for care and treatment. All close contacts will be given a rapid test, as available, and remain isolated from the rest of the camp population and will be sent home for monitoring. The  

If multiple positive cases arise in separate groups or if advised by Snohomish County Health Department, Camp Killoqua will close all programs. 

How we’ll make decisions

We know that even with the best possible plans and preparation, there is a chance that we will have to modify our procedures again for 2023. Thank you for doing your part to stay healthy and keep others around you safe, we can’t wait to see you this summer!


Is Summer Camp happening at Camp Killoqua this summer?

YES! And this summer will be the best one yet! We have been here for the past 82 summers and plan to be here for at least 82 more! We look forward to welcoming you back this summer. We also have some family camping weekends planned for this spring if you’d like to come visit before summer!

What is the Summer Schedule?

Day Camp starts June 26 and overnight camp starts July 2.
Dates and Rates for overnight camp can be found HERE,
Dates and rates for day camp can be found HERE.

Are You Implementing Additional Health Screenings Prior To Camp?

Yes. All campers and program participants will be asked to monitor and track their temperature and any COVD-19 symptoms 14 days prior to arrival to camp. Overnight campers will need to show proof of a negative covid test within three days of the start of their camp session. Day Campers will not need to show a negative test.

How Will You Monitor Camper Health While At Camp?

We have a registered nurse on site at all times. Campers and staff will have their temperatures taken daily, and our on-site RN will closely monitor the health of all campers and staff. 

What Are The Sanitation Protocols?

We will ensure program spaces and equipment are sanitized between groups. Cleaning supplies meet hospital-grade level sanitization and CDC guidelines when possible. Camp leadership has prepared daily cleaning protocols, and sanitizing schedules for program and counselor staff.

What If A Camper Or Staff Shows Symptoms of COVID-19 At Camp?

Campers or staff with a suspected case of COVID 19, will be immediately isolated in the lower level of our nurses quarters, assessed by the Camp Nurse, and parents will be contacted immediately to come pick up their camper. It is our expectation that parents or guardians make arrangements so they can pick up their camper within two hours of a call for pickup. Campers or staff showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home. Other campers in that group would be isolated and assessed, and parents will be notified of procedures.

How Will Check In and Check Out Work?

Overnight Camp & Day Camp Check-In and Check-Out begin in the parking lot. All paperwork and payment must be completed prior to check-in. Check-In time will be assigned by age groups. Make sure that all of your luggage is easily accessible and packed well. Camp staff will transport luggage to your camper’s cabin or unit. Medications should be kept separate from luggage and turned in at the nurse station during check in. Please make sure you have your medical forms completed and up to date on the Wednesday prior to your campers session.

Check-Out will happen on Friday for both day and resident campers. Day camp check-out is at 4:00 pm in the parking lot and resident camp check-out is at 7:00 pm in the meadow. Parents/guardians will be asked to wear a face covering during camper check-out.

What about Horseback Riding?

Horseback Riding will be one of the only specialty options offered during summer programs in 2023. We feel confident that our staff and campers can maintain social distancing requirements while participating in horseback riding.

What about activities?

Camp Killoqua’s long standing tradition of building close relationships with a small group of campers means that we do not have to change much about the way we run our activities at camp. Campers will still be able to plan their week together with their cabin group and participate in all the activities as led by their counselor(s).

What about evening programs and ceremonies?

We know that these are a special part of the camp experience. We believe that we will still be able to host our council fire, all camp game, picnic dinner, and skit night – all while still being conscious of the space around us in order to keep everyone safe. We feel confident that we will continue to build on the creativity of our staff to offer these important pieces of our program.

Will My Camper Need To Wear A Mask?

Yes. There are limited times where masking may be required. Those include but may not be limited to in the dining hall when up from your table and/or singing, and in any healthcare setting (at the camp nurse).

Will It Still Feel Like Camp?

We know campers have been through a stressful time, filled with unanticipated change, high anxiety, and disappointments. Yes, it will still feel like camp.

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within